We had to invest, first

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time hanging in the back of my family’s printing shop.

My dad printed a lot of weird items! He even could print on paper, vinyl, cloth, or even wood.

The printing shop was rather small, to be sure, however my dad was always busy. My Dad and I did not expect to lose the old girl when she was only 47 years old. I was a teenager at the time. My Dad was going to rapidly shut down the printing shop, but I decided to quit college and come back to the area to run the business. It was the best way to keep the doors open. I did not want both of us to sell the supplier to someone else after my dad worked so tough to make it a success over the years. When I came back from college, I had a lot of wonderful ideas to make the family printing shop a big success. I told my Dad that the two of us needed to invest some extra currency to update our printing machines so the two of us finally could get larger and more lucrative contracts. My Dad and I went to the bank that afternoon and the two of us got a loan so the two of us could purchase multiple new machines that were capable of manufacturing labels, signs, and graphics. Every one of us also went ahead and bought equipment that made it easier for us to pick up government, industrial, and even military contracts. Now I have a full time contract with the local base.




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