I was getting sick of northern winter heating

I’m ecstatic I offered it a try up north

I’ve had quite enough of living in the north. And it has nothing to do with anything other than the winter. When I agreed to take a promotion, I knew that getting acclimated to a cold, extreme Winter time was an area of it. Thing is, even with all that heating plus air conditioning heating from the oil or gas furnace, I just couldn’t get accustomed to dealing with five or multiple months of winter. When you were born, raised plus lived all your life with legitimately mild winters, anything else is a real shock to the system. For me, I just couldn’t get accustomed to getting plus staying so cold for so long. While I loved the people, the culture plus the job, the Winter time was simply killing me. So when this lateral transport became available that would allow myself and others to return to the land of the heat pump, I jumped on it. And man, am I ever ecstatic I went with our instincts on this. It just seemed to myself and others that after 4 winters, I would be getting accustomed to the oil or gas furnace plus all the cold. But that just didn’t happen. Instead, I found myself entirely dreading plus then hating the winter. Plus, I couldn’t ever get enough quality heating plus air during the winter. It was as though I had to travel everywhere with a space heater. Now that I’m back in a region where the heat pump kicks on now plus again through the winter, I’m much, much happier. I’m ecstatic I offered it a try up north. If nothing else, I have the experience which entirely helps myself and others to care about the mild winters I get to care about again.

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