They might have “dibs”

I lived in a large lake house with my friends for 4 years before I saved enough money to buy a lake house of my own, however I still didn’t have a lot of money back then, so I found a small piece of property with 5 acres of land plus 2 rooms.

The lake house needed some repairs, but I we’re on all of the renovations one task at a time, but my property backs up to a large forest.

That is one of the biggest things that I love most about that house. One day I was walking in the woods on my own plus I heard a loud buzzing sound. I started looking around plus I noticed a large hive of bees overhead. The hive of bees was greater than my whole head plus bees were swarming all around the structure. I thought it was going to be a horrible nuisance until I realized that the bees were honey bees. I bought some beekeeping supplies down the road plus I tried to harvest the honey. It took various tries before I was successful in my venture. I had stings plus welts all over my hands, face, plus legs. I would have given up completely on the idea, but I was determined to defeat the honey bees. After some time plus a lot of effort, I can report, I now have a lucrative supplier that sells honey plus other beekeeping supplies. And, last year, I built a small rest on the road by my little house so I can sell bee honey to the tourists that drive through town each day. The road by my place is always tied up plus I have no issue with selling honey all summer season long.

Honey bee help

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