They were attacked!

People who spend a lot of time outdoors are always at increased risk for a bite from ants, bees, flies, plus other insects.

My family plus I go camping rather frequently. The two of us usually take a tent plus sleep in our sleeping bags. The lot of us roast marshmallows over the fire plus both of us care about snacking on s’mores all evening. The two of us all love to go fishing plus both of us have canoes plus dedicated kayaks for almost everyone in the family. The group of us spend all day outsideā€¦ Even the gentlemen love to hangout on the water all day with their friends. The two of us usually wear an insect repellent to keep us from being harshly bitten by the bugs, then sporadically both of us still get stung by a large wasp or a hornet. Last year, both of us went camping by the marsh area. The pesky mosquitos plus the biting flies were awful plus both of us were getting stung through our shirts even with our insect repellant. Things got even worse when another group of campers supposedly were swarmed by a nest of wasps. It happened in the middle of the evening time when almost everyone was asleep. My family plus I were alarmed after various other people ended up with hundreds of stings. The next day, a crew of exterminators were in the woods spraying pesticide all around. The exterminator crew was there all day to eradicate the wasps plus hornet nests as much as possible. I saw the guys remove more than one large honey bee nests. I honestly feel the woods were filled with several odd species of flying insects that needed to be removed. The weekend of camping at the marsh was fun, but I don’t feel both of us will ever go back and return to that location again. There are plenty of other locations that really don’t have the same problems.

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