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I suppose I didn’t have the right plan for the time commitment required when opening a current business. There are so many obscure details that have to be gotten right in order to do more than simply survive. Opening our very own supplier wasn’t some whim where I was just hoping to make any sort of living long-term. I spent years reading our craft and then more years planning to venture out on our own. So I wanted a supplier that would thrive and grow. This is why it sort of seems completely absurd that I would consider being the cleaning lady for our shop. I suppose I actually just didn’t consider a commercial cleaning supplier when I first opened. I honestly figured that the staff and I would simply be our own maid service. That was an entirely stupid plan, I found out, by the way. First off, the folks I hired weren’t at all interested in working during the day and then acting as a cleaning service once the people I was with and I closed the door in the evening. Second, I simply just didn’t have the time, I had much more important troubles to repeatedly consider. It finally came to a head when I kept pushing off our cleaning lady duties on the belabored staff. They finally had enough and told me that I either got a cleaning service for the office or a commercial cleaning supplier or they would walk. It was an impassioned plea to hear because all of them unquestionably much wanted to keep working with me. I started calling commercial cleaning companies to get bids on their cleaning service.

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