Lodging venture gets the right HVAC answer

I spent nearly 30 years in hotel management. My career as a hospitality manager started right out of college. This was what I always wanted to do and I was doing it. The honeymoon with that first job lasted less then a month. The reality to managing in the hospitality industry is much different from all the dreams or exotic locations and the good life. For sure, I saw plenty of that but I was generally always working as I was witnessing all those examples of the good life. The truth is there just isn’t much time for kicking back and relaxing in the air conditioning when you’re in the hotel business. It’s a real grind in fact that ended up costing me my first marriage among the many other relationships I didn’t have time to nurture. So when I got married again, this time to a career hotel girl, it was important for us to find a balance. We decided to ditch our corporate gigs in favor of starting our own lodging venture. This led us to buy some pristine land and open up a Yurt village. Yurts are basically big tents that sit on frames built on a platform. They can range from the elaborate to the very basic. Our vision was somewhere in between. So we definitely wanted some form of heating and cooling to keep our guests comfortable no matter the season. So we ended up going with ductless heat pumps for our yurts and it worked out wonderfully. The ductless heat pump provides exceptional heating and cooling without taking up much space. And this venture truly is the slice of the good life that I’d been looking for all these years.

Radiant floor heating

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