Stick to the HVAC warranty

And I didn’t fix the heating and cooling problem either

It sure would serve me better if I could pay a bit more attention to detail. Too often in life, I tend to just gloss over certain facts in life. This is usually due to the fact that those facts are all that interesting. If it doesn’t grab my interest, I’m probably not going to pay attention to it. That is exactly what happened with the HVAC equipment warranty. Less than five years ago, we replaced the HVAC equipment in our home. This was something that was not at all a surprise. When we bought the house, we knew the HVAC unit would need to be replaced sooner rather than later. But still, we got almost six years out of that old HVAC unit. However, when the HVAC utility costs began spiking, I knew it was time for us to call the HVAC company. They were great in helping us get our new HVAC equipment and the process was so easy. However, I really didn’t pay any attention at all to the HVAC warranty. My wife registered the warranty with the HVAC factory the day after it was installed. But I never actually read it. Had I read that HVAC warranty, I don’t think I would feel as stupid as I do now. The HVAC warranty clearly states that only licensed and certified HVAC professionals can work on the HVAC unit. So when I tried to work on the HVAC equipment, I effectively voided the warranty. And I didn’t fix the heating and cooling problem either. So please read that HVAC warranty and always, always call the HVAC professionals if there is an issue.



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