A Scary Story of My Sleepy Little Beach Town

I live near a big church by the sea on the Mediterranean.

We have a small town of about 25,000 people and, for the most part, it’s fairly quiet here.

That all changed last year when someone claimed to have spotted a werewolf running around the streets late at night. I would have just brushed it off myself but one night while I was out walking my dog I saw the thing myself. It looked like a wolf, but it was much fiercer in the eyes and built like a horse instead of a wild dog. I was very nervous. I went home and sat in front of my heater, trying to digest what I just saw. The air duct in my vents was making an eerie sound while the air went through it and chilled me even more inside. How could this werewolf exist in a small town such as ours without everyone seeing it at some point. As I was pondering this, some water started to drip out of my air duct and along the duct sealing in the ductwork. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do about this new friend out on the streets while I looked through the phonebook trying to find an a/c repair service that could fix the dripping water in the vents. I guess it was condensation because of the large temperature difference from the outside air. I changed my air filter just in case it was the problem.


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