Clean floors and good air quality go hand in hand

I spend a sizable amount of time at my property doing odds and ends.

I adore being able to clean the property about once a month from top to bottom.

I first vacuum the floors of all of the sand that is brought in from the beach. Then I mop all of the floors because both of us track a sizable amount of bad stuff in from the streets if both of us totally forget to remove our shoes. There are a good amount of pets in this neighborhood so you can probably guess what gets onto the bottom of your shoes after a walk. It is not pleasant. I regularly try to make sure the air quality in this place is fantastic and have a genuinely nice HEPA filter that removes most of the things in the air that makes myself and others sneeze often. The concern is when both of us track bacteria in with our shoes, the most amazing air filter systems in the world won’t remove that. I guess it’s a smart move to make to tell almost everyone to remove their shoes before coming into your property. If you are dire about having the finest air quality levels, you should also be dire about having a disinfected floor because they can cause just as many complications as a bad air filter. I also adore to disinfect all of the windows in the property each month and make them lovely for the sun to come in and light up the property. We even put a gas furnace filter on our furnace to keep any dust from making its way out of it.

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