It’s pressing to have clean floors and good air quality

I spend a fairly good amount of time at my residence doing odds and ends. I prefer to clean our residence about once a week from top to bottom. I first vacuum the floors of all of the sand that is brought in from the beach. Then I mop all of the floors because both of us tend to track a lot of awful stuff in from the streets if both of us forget to detach our shoes. There are a huge amount of cats in this town so you can probably imagine what gets onto the bottom of your shoes after a substantial walk. It is not legitimately pleasant. I try to make sure the air quality in this residence is great and have a legitimately excellent HEPA filter that removes 99.9% of contaminants. The concern is when both of us track bacteria in with our shoes, the best air filter systems around won’t be able to fix that. I think it’s a great idea to tell everyone to detach their shoes before coming into your residence. If you are dire about having the most fantastic indoor air quality, you should also be dire about having a clean floor because they can cause the same types of problems as an awful air filter. I also prefer to clean all of the windows in the residence each week and make them nice and shiny for the sunshine to come in and light up the residence. We also installed a new furnace filter on our furnace to keep any dust from flooding out of it.



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