Make sure the only HVAC repair comes from licensed professionals

The handyman did indeed fix the HVAC

It took me making a colossal mistake to truly understand the value of professional HVAC technicians. There is a very good reason that it takes such commitment and time to become a certified, licensed HVAC tech. It’s because it’s hard work that takes lots of training and expertise. These people spend so much time and energy in training from the factory and on the job. It’s no wonder they love what they do. I don’t think I could make that sort of commitment to a profession and not have a passion for it. Not too long ago, I had the HVAC people out to do the annual HVAC preventive maintenance. This time, the HVAC tech told me that I would need to have a fairly expensive repair. There was an evaporator coil or something that had to be replaced. It wasn’t an uncommon thing to have happen to an HVAC unit after a dozen years of service. However, with this HVAC repair, I could expect many more years of good heating & cooling from the HVAC unit. I took this all in and told the HVAC tech that I would call to schedule the repair. I ended up discussing it with a neighbor. He told me he had a handyman that knew his way around the HVAC. And this guy would do the HVAC repair for like half the price. Well, I went for this option. It was a total, unequivocal mistake on my part. The handyman did indeed fix the HVAC. And it lasted for about 3 weeks before the whole thing seized up. Now I’m out that money and over a thousand dollars to now get that mess cleaned up by real HVAC professionals.

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