What I love to do with my spare time

I’ve done all kinds of peculiar hobbies in the past.

At one time it was drumming, then it changed to cycling road bikes with my buddies in school. I got into beach volleyball when I was 25 years of age and it stuck with me all the way up until now at the age of 54. My body doesn’t jump nearly as high as it did and I can’t hit as hard these days because of a torn rotator cuff I got approximately 8 years ago. I didn’t recognize it at the time however that injury would forever change the way I played the game. I learned that after playing you need to become your own cooling company, using ice to remove any swelling of the joints. The body gets inflamed from overuse and cooling down the body with some type of cooling component such as an ice bath is the finest thing you can do for it. I’ve been playing for almost 30 years and discovered that I don’t need to take all of the pain medications if I learn the appropriate methods of recovery. I like to program our smart thermostat to keep our room cool at night when it’s overheated so I have a pleasant night of rest. My body does most of its healing and recovery when it is at rest during the night. I also have a nice heating component for warming up my body before I play ball. I also had to have my heating repaired in our lake household because it seemed to be working inefficiently. I have learned a lot from many years of injuries I suppose.

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