Heater Maintenance is Very Important for a Comfortable Winter

My grandfather was always inventing things that he needed.

One time, he had a lot of weeds in the yard and made a homemade weed eater to trim the weeds.

I’d never seen anything like it until about 10 years later when I saw them for sale in the hardware store. My grandfather just laughed and said “imagine that” and walked away. I would have been really bothered if I thought of an invention long before someone else did. I would’ve thought about all the money I could have made with my invention and how different my life would be. My grandfather even made his own propane heater by hand using some parts that were lying around the basement. I saw a hit and miss engine he built using his lathe after he died. He also made a boiler and a small space heater for the cold winters out in the garage when he was working on cars. He had a few old cars that he would work on each night while listening to music and drinking a beer or two. He worked in the heating industry so he knew a lot about both heating and cooling the house for the seasons. He was a very good grandfather to me, showing me all the different things he learned over the years for saving money around the house. I learned to repair my own air conditioner thanks to him and saved a ton of money on repairs. I miss my grandfather still, but have kept all the things he has taught me to this day.



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