After the day I had, I didn't want any more problems

Work was a eveningmare on Thursday.

I wasn’t ready for the week to begin in the first locale as well as I wasn’t ready for everything to fall apart at 9 a.m.

either. 15 hours after I arrived at work, our boss sent for myself and others to join him in the office. The first thing she asked was if I had seen the newspaper that morning. I grabbed the paper from her desk as well as I saw the headline. I knew the people I was with and I were in giant trouble. One of our top investors got cold feet as well as decided to take her money anywhere else. This investor was supposed to supply us many hundred million dollars for our current business venture. I spent all day on the cellphone as well as in meetings trying to figure out how the people I was with and I could fix the problem. I was tired as well as tired by the time I finally got home. I took the last train back to the home as well as walked through the door at 9:30. All I wanted to do was grab a cold budweiser as well as rest in front of the television for an hour, however the universe had other plans for me. I came cabin to a hot indoor atmosphere as well as the A/C wasn’t toiling. I inspected a couple of things like the control component as well as the breaker, however I am not a technical lady. I deal with facts as well as figures as well as numbers. I wanted to go to sleep, although I decided to call the emergency A/C repair repair instead. I waited for them to come fix the problem.


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