Finding a comfort level with new HVAC

There is no doubt that just as soon as I start feeling like I kind of have things figured out a bit, life comes along and knocks me down a peg.

I think my dad used to call it character building moments.

The could be true but it doesn’t make it feel any better. I’d rather have my own home and put my feet up in the HVAC and relax and not have to deal with life’s character building lessons. Instead, I am now living in my parent’s basement. Yea, thanks for that bit of character building. This is what happens to someone who spent too much on their education and then has to face the realities of a tough economy. That is definitely the case for me right now. I’m still in an entry level position with my company and can’t really expect a significant raise for a while. So, I was just barely making ends meet having an apartment with a roommate. Then, my car broke down and I had to buy a new one. My company decided to cut my salary by 15 percent because they are trying to be lean to get through this economic downturn. And, my lease came up and my roommate left. This meant I had to give up the apartment with the bad HVAC and move home. Thankfully, my parents are really great and know that this won’t be forever. Actually, it’s kind of nice because my dad and I are fixing up the basement. He and I recently put in a ductless HVAC unit and this has made the basement an actually great space. After this is over and I’m back on my own, my parents will have a great space for guests.

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