Don’t be that stupid HVAC guy

Mistakes happen.

  • That is just part of life and we all have to accept it.

In fact, without failure, there is often no learning or improvement in our lives. That being said, I’m just tired of making huge errors that are so a result of being stupid or stubborn. This is something that I find to be such a character flaw in my make up. I’m generally a decent fellow who does okay and tries to be a good human. However, there are times that I just fail so badly for the most inane reasons. A recent HVAC experience is a great example. Coming home after work to a cozy, warm HVAC controlled house is one of the sweeter things in life to me. I like to just relax a bit in my chair and sort of decompress and let winter rage on outside without me. Not too long ago, I came home to a frigid house. The HVAC would not come on. So, the natural thing to have done would have been to pick up the phone and call the HVAC people. That is not at all what I did. Instead, I decided to see if I could find the problem. Now this is where the stupid comes in. I have zero training in HVAC and know virtually nothing when it comes to how this equipment works. Still, I decided to investigate on my own. In my blundering around, I ended up snapping something off. This finally led me to call the HVAC people as I should have done in the first place. This ordeal cost me several hundred dollars more than if I had called the HVAC people right away.

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