Excellent indoor air quality with whole house air purifier

Finally, that ugly indoor air is a thing of the past in our home.

It was something that had plagued us for years.

We have a pretty large family as well as several pets. And, I love to cook so you can imagine the mix of odors we have going on in this house. It drove me nuts because we are such a clean crew. We devote a lot of time to making sure the house stays really clean. Each week we all put in about a 3 hour stretch to scour the house. Yet, the HVAC in our house just kept turning over that stale, stinky air. It wouldn’t be that big a problem if we lived in a region where we could open the windows more. But the HVAC is on almost the entire year. That pretty much makes fresh air not so easy to get. We tried all manner of devices and sprays to rid the house of odors. Yet, the best result we got was maybe a brief respite while those items masked the smell. I turned to the HVAC professionals to see what they could offer. They had a ready response and the answer was the whole house air purifier. After they explained that the whole house air purifier uses UV light to actually kill the stuff that causes the odors, I was all in. However, my husband balked at the price of the whole house air purifier. But I took my lobbying skills to the next level and convinced him that it would be worth it. I was right because I would have paid double to have the wonderful air we know get to experience every day.

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