You want to take care of it all year

Wow, I started doing our taxes a few days ago for 2020 and just pulling things together, it’s shocking the reduction in income in our home.

I mean I knew that without the bonus structure I was accustomed to and the obvious fact that I was working from the HVAC comfort of home, it was going to be lean.

I just honestly didn’t realize just how lean it was. Then, I started legitimately looking closer and I am stunned that I made over 20 percent less last year. I guess it’s a good thing that I always was so vigilant with the cost cutting. As soon as the dealer changed our weekly compensation package and I was no longer in the perfectly HVAC controlled office each day, I started cutting costs. That meant reigning in our spending in a legitimately big way, I would say. There legitimately wasn’t anything that was off limits. My wifey and I attacked our household budget and legitimately got it down to just the essentials. Good thing the two of us were wise with what we did because our saving nearly offset the reduced income. One super big saving was the HVAC cooling over the summer. The two of us live in a region where the outdoor heat is a big deal for 8 months out of the year. But summer time months can kill a bank account like that. The two of us ended up saving hundreds of dollars on HVAC alone. That actually helps now as I can put some of those savings back into the HVAC with regular appointments. It’s just too essential to our HVAC and its ability to operate at peak efficiency.



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