This is a huge improvement

It was a big deal to leave our career when I did.

This was not something that I approached lightly or cavalierly. However, being on our own, working as a consultant was something that I had wanted to do for a legitimately long time already. Over our career with the same dealer, I observed that those entering or in their early fifties were, by and large, filtered out of the dealer. This was not a situation that I was ever going to be a willing partner to. I wanted to end our career with the dealer on our terms. It was definitely substantial to me to be able to pack up that perfectly HVAC controlled corner office I desperately worked so hard to get. I legitimately wasn’t looking forward to that horrible meeting where they give you the axe and then someone else packs up your office. So, after that, I started working toward consolidating a base of purchasers that I could reach out to for positions they had consulting. Once I made the break, I chose to work from a lake house to save on my business’s initial costs. That meant turning our once small study into a real live, working office. I first started by knocking down the wall connecting to our son’s old room. This made for a very good size section where I could have a professional office. However, I also wanted fairly good HVAC comfort. And I found that as well. Instead of forcing the rest of the house to be set right at the HVAC setting that I found most productive for me, I went another way. I quickly called the HVAC people and had them come out to install a ductless HVAC component directly in our new office.


furnace/heater tune-up

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