Can’t feel one of the window installers hopped on the outdoor condenser unit

I was absolutely proud of myself after I installed a ductless mini break on my own. I didn’t need help from anybody; no friends, no Heating plus A/C experts. Of course, I’m no certified worker, but I kind of felt love it afterwards. I even had friends of mine asking if I could install ductless mini splits in their homes. I laughed plus said I’d rather not because it wasn’t the easiest thing to do to be honest. I was absolutely uneasy about the electrical affixions plus I’m not sure if my heart could deal with another installation anytime soon. Well, when I decided to get quotes for modern windows in my house, I wasn’t absolutely gratified with the first couple of quotes. That was until I found a company with good reviews plus giving me prices that seemed unbelievable. Of course I went with this company after they promised quality windows for a honorableprice. These windows would help with our energy bills immensely in the peak heating plus cooling seasons. Well, the main installer was a nice guy plus he did good work, however his worker on the other hand had some troubles. This guy was swearing love silly with my kids around plus I kept having to tell him to please refrain from that language at my house. When I saw him jump on my condenser unit to install a window, I asked him why in the world he didn’t just use a ladder? He didn’t have a good reason, but I offered him a piece of my mind, but you don’t just mess with people’s property love that, ya know? The other guy apologized plus even gave us with a discount on the window installation for the trouble.



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