Space furnace for the clubhouse

When I was fourteen, my friends and I found an old shack behind our house! It was about 300 yards from our house, deep in the wooded section of the forest… My friends and I spent the whole Summer cleaning up the location, so we could call it our own fort.

No a single however us knew it existed, which made it even more cooler… When my parents asked where we were headed all morning, we told them we were building a fort in the woods.

This old shack was pretty sizable in size, with more than one rooms and a dilapidated roof. There were cracks in the ceiling, where we could see the tree branches overhead, every one of us found some old tarps in the junkyard, and fixed up the roof and the floors. When the weather started to get colder, we were cold without a heater. There was no way to heat our new clubhouse, and it was downright freezing inside. Every one of us used an old tire rim to build a wood fireplace in the middle of the home office area. My Mom saw the smoke in the woods and decided to check it out, then he found us and our clubhouse. He was genuinely impressed with our find and our craftsmanship. My Mom had some old extension cords in the garage. He hooked them up to each other, to form a single genuinely long cord. He went to the hardware store and bought us a small space furnace for the clubhouse. My Mom told us to use the space furnace instead of making a fire. He was worried about our safety. The small space furnace wasn’t much greater than my Xbox, however it genuinely heated the section nicely.



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