Want this house!

Here we go again.

I’m sure most people is sick and sleepy of hearing about it, however I’m equally sick and sleepy of looking! That’s why I will continue to talk about my adventures in real estate hunting until I’ve either had my fill, or I’ve successfully attained that dream house! For months I’ve been anxiously browsing every house listing in our section and price range – and that job is exhausting.

It’s so competitive around here that you genuinely have to be diligent. Every one of us haven’t had a ton of fortune finding that a single property that just WOWs us, especially in our limited price range… until this week. Every one of us just saw my literal dream home, and I want it bad. The only problem is, the old house undoubtedly needs a major Heating as well as Air Conditioning overhaul, and it’s going to cost us. When we were wrapping up inside the space, suddenly we realized that we had not seen the furnace or air conditioning unit anywhere. There was cool air passing through the air vents, so the A/C was undoubtedly working. The A/C clearly had to be hidden around the side of the house, where the cooling plan could be camouflaged. Well, when we found it, it looked adore most people forgot the A/C unit was ever even there. I’ve literally never seen such an old air conditioning system in my entire life. This A/C was a wide and long rectangle, in an awkward pastel salmon color. I absolutely wouldn’t have even recognized that it was A/C equipment, if it wasn’t right where you’d expect to find a cooling plan affixed! The old thing must be at least 30 years old, and begging for substitutement. Now that we’ve found the best house in the area, we just need to consider what it will cost to unaffix the A/C fossil from the property and install up-to-date cooling.




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