Unpredictable heating

Our weather has been unpredictable this winter, however because of the ups and downs in temperature, I have been sick most of the time… I also have no clue how to set my Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, but thank goodness I have a smart control unit and can change the temperature no matter where I am.

I leave my house at 7 am and the temperature is in the 40s, however occasionally it stays chilly all afternoon and I am cheerful I have the heating plan running for my cat.

Occasionally it warms up into the 79s and I want to turn off my furnace. There is no reason to crank the heating system when it is sizzling outside, and everyday varies too. It isn’t enjoy I get a month of moderate weather and a month of cold. Everyday is so drastically different. I did a load of laundry where I have shorts and a tank top in the same clean cycle as my thick workout pants and sweatshirt; How deranged is that? I am distraught about my furnace… Can it easily handle being told to turn on and off so often? What about the afternoons it just keeps heating 24/7 when it doesn’t need to? The addition of the smart control unit easily has helped. I am able to set the temperature a little more reasonably and give my heating system a chop when I can. I am just praying that the heating plan can last through the winter. Then in the Springtime I will give it the enjoy and care that it needs.

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