Going for more efficiency with HVAC replacement

Sometimes, it’s just the right time to change things up a bit. For me, that is a mouthful. I am the sort who really likes to have things stay just as they are with very little variations if possible. Keeping my routine helps me to face things that none of us can control. There is just something about living within a structure that gives aid when things do get crazy. Having spent the last year inside the HVAC comfort and security of my home was anything but routine. It hasn’t been a comfortable year to say the least. And yet, I have managed. Mostly because I have been able to simply adapt my routine. However, I am doing something a bit out of the norm when it comes to replacing the HVAC. We bought this house over 20 years ago and when we did, we replaced the HVAC. Now, it has come time for that HVAC to be replaced. But the air ducts are well over 40 years old and will have to be replaced. So instead of doing that automatically so I could stick with the central air method, I considered an alternative. Once I learned about the benefits of having ductless HVAC, I realized that this was a very viable option. In fact, that is what we ended up going with. Instead of the central air system, we now have a series of ductless units. They are more efficient and allow us to more closely customize our heating & cooling comfort. Doing what wasn’t the normal thing to do has actually been a very beneficial thing. Sometimes, you just gotta change it up.
Whole home air purification

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