Old house getting more updated form of HVAC

I moved from the north to the south not too long ago.

This wasn’t something that we had actually planned.

My wife just came home one day and told me she had been offered a nice promotion that came with a transfer. Initially, I was not all that excited about picking up and moving from the place we had known all our lives. Yet, the idea of not having brutal winters and paying outlandish HVAC bills was also quite attractive to my way of thinking. Winter was just wearing me out a little bit more with each passing season. So the idea of not having to worry whether the furnace was going to make it through the winter was also attractive. We ended up buying an older home in a neighborhood we really liked. Part of the final negotiations was that we would accept a reduced price if we were willing to replace the HVAC. Normally, that is something I would have jumped at. However, this was not quite as straight forward as all that. The house was older and the HVAC system, including the air ducts, would need to be replaced. That was not only going to be expensive but quite the undertaking as many of the air ducts weren’t easy to access. I ended up solving this HVAC problem by using ductless HVAC throughout the house instead. Not only do I save due to better efficiency, the installation was so easy and quick. That is the kind of situation that I can really embrace. With the money we saved on using the ductless HVAC, we came out way ahead on the final sale price of the house.

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