Allergy season to be much more manageable this year

I love the winter where I live. And that’s not because I’m big into skiing or hockey or anything like that. I love the winter where I live because the weather is great and it’s a respite from the heat. See, where I live the heat and humidity is the big deal. The HVAC comes on in March and doesn’t stop until at least November. So, the winter is a time that I cherish. Looking out my window, I can see that the winter is coming to a close. The trees are budding out and things are getting ready to get green. With that comes plenty of pollen. And that generally means that I’m going to suffer through a few months with allergies. Normally, I can deal with it by using over the counter meds. However, the older I get the more I have had to end up at the doctor’s office for allergy help. This year, while I will still stick with the allergy meds, I won’t be suffering with allergies from the pollen while inside my house. This is due to the fact that I purchased a whole house air purifier. The HVAC tech was here not too long ago to install it. The thing is relatively small and fits right inside the air handler unit of the HVAC. This thing actually destroys the DNA of the pollen with high intensity UV light. That means that any pollen that gets inside the house will no longer be a threat to my allergies. I’m looking forward to at least having refuge inside my house during allergy season.

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