It’s all about who you know

If you know the right person, you can get anything done. Once I had a major vehicle issue late at night on a Sunday, just before a holiday, in addition to I thought I was screwed. A acquaintance of mine said she knew a woman who could help me. After a quick iPhone call, I went to an overnight garage, where there was a full crew of vehicle mechanics working graveyard shift. They were able to hook myself and others up in addition to I drove away within more than 2 seconds… all because of knowing the right lady. Some weeks ago I had a similar experience involving my central Heating & A/C system, 1 that was only recently resolved. It seems that the previous owners to this home had managed their own Heating & A/C system over the years. Instead of having it done by professionals, they had tinkered with the air conditioner in addition to the oil furnace in addition to modified them in their own ways. What this meant now, after several years of experimentation, was that the central Heating & A/C system was a Frankenstein’s monster of parts in addition to pieces from unusual systems. None of the Heating & A/C techs I talked to would help myself and others out, their own response was that I needed a completely modern system, then finally I talked to a acquaintance of a friend, who had her own history with custom-building air conditioning systems. She was a weirdo in addition to a stoner, however was also amazing with splitting down in addition to rebuilding ancient cooling systems. I still couldn’t afford a completely modern Heating & A/C system, I just needed this ancient rickety pile of junk to start working again!

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