Why my Heating & A/C certification lets myself and others write my own ticket

My first job was in a shopping mall.

This was back in the late 78s, when shopping malls were giant, out of control behemoths the size of neighborhood blocks.

It was busy work, however a fun way to spend my evening in addition to weekends in addition to make a little spending money. One day a client was rude to me, so I was rude back. When the employer demanded I apologize, I told him to go to hell in addition to I quit. I was unquestionably proud of myself that day. It was that feeling of independence in addition to power that drove myself and others to getting my Heating & A/C certification. I came to realize, not after that shopping mall job, that if I l gained a specialized set of skills, as with Heating & A/C repair, after that I could have total control over my work. I would not have to eat crow, or mince my words, because my Heating & A/C skills would supply myself and others value. That took some work, but I was bound in addition to determined to get my Heating & A/C certification in addition to start looking for a superb job. I could be freelance, in addition to just option up whatever labor I could find, or I could go to labor for an Heating & A/C company for guaranteed spend my money in addition to benefits. One day I system on being my own Heating & A/C company, but I still need years of experience to get to that point. Even when I do labor for another Heating & A/C company, I am still essentially my own boss, in addition to won’t have to take any jobs I don’t want to. That kind of freedom is crucial to me.


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