I think the broken air conditioner gave me better luck

I had a great time this past weekend playing poker with my buddies.

We were playing at Fred’s house and sadly, his HVAC system quit working. It was a very hot evening and when that cooling system shut off, we all were pretty irritated about it. Still, we were already in the game and we had our food, drinks, and snacks. We didn’t want to have to stop playing the game and go somewhere else, so we endured the misery without a working cooling system. He didn’t even have backup window AC units or anything, but I think he will know to invest in something like that moving forward. Still, the broken cooling system seemed to give me better luck somehow. I was getting some of the best hands and everybody thought I was bluffing because I was sweating like crazy. Just picture me there dabbing my face constantly with a paper towel, and everybody thought I seemed nervous. Well, I ended up taking everybody’s money that evening. I was thinking next time they come to my place to play cards, maybe I should keep the cooling system shut off on purpose, as it might give me an advantage. But no, I wouldn’t do anything like that, I’m only kidding. I don’t want to cheat at all and I don’t want my buddies to feel uncomfortable without a working cooling system at all. I doubt my HVAC would have any issues anyway because I’m on an HVAC service plan where I have professionals coming out every quarter to take care of the important HVAC maintenance.


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