Didn’t think I’d find anybody who didn’t appreciate washable filters

I’ve enjoyed using washable filters for a few years now.

I never thought I’d run into anybody who didn’t like them, so I suggested these types of air filters to everybody I knew.

Some people were turned off by the price, but it’s completely worth it because you end up saving more money compared to buying disposable air filters. Well, my one buddy who bought a couple of washable filters thought it was going to be great in his home with perfect air quality and big time savings. Turned out to not work out for him because he didn’t have a good time cleaning his washable filters. He didn’t even clean the washable filter all the time as I came to realize when he had poor air quality in his home. He blamed me for these problems because I suggested the washable filters, but I explained that he had to actually clean them! He was all bent out of shape for nothing, trying to blame his issues on me when he wasn’t even following the directions for the air filters. He ended up switching back to disposable air filters and said those washable ones were just a giant waste of money. Well, fortunately his washable filters were the same size as mine, and I told him I would buy them off him. I actually cleaned them thoroughly and I was able to make the ones he had last for the longest time with good air quality and everything in my home! He didn’t even believe that I was using the washable filters he had in his HVAC, but I showed him how they had to be washed thoroughly or they would be clogged up and wouldn’t work as desired.
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