I was nervous installing an HVAC system for the first time

I was nervous when I installed a ductless multi split HVAC with my friends at my home.

They actually convinced me that it was better to install these heating and cooling systems on your own, so you didn’t have to pay a small fortune to the local HVAC contractors.

The thing is, the professionals are certified experts, while we were just a bunch of guys watching installation tutorials. I also was bothered by the fact that the warranty would be void, but I just wanted to finish the installation. I was so happy when we had everything hooked up and we were able to release the refrigerant from the lines to the system. The line sets actually come with pre compressed refrigerant which is pretty cool. Now, I was led to believe that the system came with enough refrigerant to run the whole system, but that I guess was not accurate. We tried running the cooling system and it wasn’t working like it should. Then a code flashed on the screen and we looked up that code. It said the refrigerant was low and therefore the system could not function as it was meant to until the refrigerant was topped. I thought we were going to have to call an HVAC expert afterall, but one buddy said we could get a refrigerant refill kit for a car, because it uses the same refrigerant. We had to get an adapter so we could refill the HVAC unit correctly, but it actually worked! After that, the HVAC system was working great and I gave a huge sigh of relief.


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