Realizing that my rental property needs trenchless plumbing

Over the past few years I have been investing in rental properties. My brother is the one who got me interested in rental properties as a new investment. In my experience, rentals can be a good investment and the best part is that it is what they call, “passive income”. What that means is that you don’t have to actively work on the investment in order to experience returns. If you hire a property manager and have them coordinate repairs, your job is done once you close on the property. However, larger repairs and property improvements are still going to be your responsibility. I have a rental that my business partners affectionately call the tiny house because it is only 400 square feet. The tiny house has been a great rental, but it now needs some plumbing work. I can already tell that the home will need a trenchelss sewer repair that includes a trenchelss sewer line replacement. The reason I want trenchless plumbing is because the property has very nice landscaping. Right now, the house is vacant. So, I know it’s the right time to call for the sewer line repair. Otherwise, if a tenant is occupying the home I could be looking at the increased cost of hiring an emergency plumber. The moral of the story is that a rental property can be a great investment, but you have to avoid major repairs such as emergency plumbing. The other piece of advice I have is that before you agree on a purchase price, things such as the plumbing should be assessed and if your property will need trenchless pipeline rehabilitation, it’s best to negotiate a lower price.

sewer line repair

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