My boss is going to drug test me now

I have been smoking marijuana to help with chronic anxiety… My boss knows that I use marijuana, however that does not mean that he approves; I signed a form when I started working for this Heating & A/C services provider that states I will not use illegal drugs including cannabis, cocaine, meth, pills, & crack, the Heating & A/C service provider did not drug test me for the task. If they would have inspected me, I would not have been able to take the task. I have been working for this corporation for a year & my boss knows I use marijuana; Both of us have had more than 2 conversations about the issue, he thinks I should spend more time at the gym working out! Yesterday, I got into a fender bender with another car. It wasn’t my fault at all. I was driving in my lane & the car didn’t look before he switched lanes. The driver hit my passenger side & scraped the paint & broke the mirror. Both of us called the police to file a report, however when I got back to the Heating & A/C workshop later that morning, my boss informed me that I have to take a drug test tomorrow. He was really supposed to send me on the same morning, but he did not tell me immediately. He wanted me to have time to get rid of the weed in my plan so I will not lose my task. I had to drive to more than four weird smoke shops & health food stores before I found a product that can cleanse your plan in just twelve hours.

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