It wasn’t so funny when it happened to me.

My friends & I used to laugh when someone screwed up in class.

If they broke a tool or just didn’t do what they were supposed to, it was funny. When you become an adult, what used to be funny, isn’t so funny anymore. When it happened to me, it was even less funny. I was in Heating & Air Conditioning class last week. I walked into the class just like I had for the last 3 weeks. I was thinking about our pals since both of us had just gone out together the night before. I guess I should have been paying attention to what I was supposed to be doing instead of thinking about the previous night. I wasn’t easily thinking about anything including the air conditioning system unit I was supposed to be repairing. I knew it was just practice, however both of us were supposed to be treating it like it was a real repair job. The instructors had put awful parts into the A/C unit. They had particular things that only an observant eye could find & I was supposed to find them. Instead of repairing the broken A/C unit, I ended up cutting the fan blades & dropping a tool into the unit. Everyone was laughing as the instructor told myself and others I had techniques he had never seen before & asked myself and others to take a seat. The boy I had a crush on, was asked to come forward & take over where I left off. She found all of the A/C problems within numerous minutes & got an A+ on the hands-on exam. I was asked to stay after class where I was asked if I was serious about being an Heating & Air Conditioning professional.

Air conditioner tune-up

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