My uncle’s old business

I really respect my uncle and what he did back when for a living.

He was an independent heating and air conditioning specialist in the days when independent heat and a/c workers were not too common. Mostly in these days major heating and cooling corporations were all you had. It was very few people like my uncle who took a chance at being a one man operation in competition with the major heating and cooling companies that made up the daring independent heat and a/c specialists of the day. They did not know if they were going to be successful or not and it was a high risk just to attempt it. If you failed it wasn’t like today where you could go and get a job at a heat and a/c company in your area. You would have to go outside your area to get a job with a heating and air conditioning company after trying your hand at being an HVAC specialist independently. Because no one in the area would give you the time of day after trying that. You would be considered a failed competition and they would love to see you homeless. That is just how it was in those old days. So when I really think about all the chances my uncle took and how he just got lucky and became successful, I have to give it to him for having the guts to try and actually make a success out of it. It is the whole reason I myself am an independent heating and air conditioning specialist today!


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