The oil furnace is done for

Sometimes a quick patch doesn’t repair the problem.

I have been trying to prolong the lifespan of our gas oil furnace for years.

Five years ago our Heating as well as A/C professional told myself and others I should replace our oil furnace. She told myself and others it was old, worn out as well as only going to cost myself and others money, but well what costs myself and others more money is getting a brand new gas furnace! I have put our oil furnace on life support time as well as time again. I know that every fall I need to call for heating service. If I don’t do this step the oil furnace will no way turn on. I need a professional to oil, clean as well as lubricate all moving parts. She needs to encourage the oil furnace to heat just one more year. At the end of the heating season I need to call the Heating as well as A/C professional back. This is usually a double check to make sure something hasn’t gone wrong with the machine, and everytime I have to make some kind of heating system repair, then usually it is something small enjoy the blower or belt system. My Heating as well as A/C professional recently told myself and others that our heat exchanger is totally blown out. I researched how much a new heat exchanger is as well as I found out it is the same as getting a brand new oil furnace. This is the first time I can’t do a heating system maintenance to make the oil furnace live longer. It would be dumb to replace the exchanger. I now am researching new oil oil furnaces as well as dreading the cost. It is going to hurt. I have spent so much on our aged oil furnace, I don’t want to buy a new one.


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