We installed an electric furnace in our new home

My wife and I decided to pick up everything we own, dump it in a truck, and move across the country.

We knew we really needed the change and were both at a place where we could willingly take on the risk and enjoy the journey that unfolds.

We’ve been settling into our new home and making it just the way we like! We’re currently having some deep conversations about our air conditioning and heating system. We are already pretty pleased with the air conditioner that the previous owners left. We probably won’t have to replace the A/C for another five years at the very least. However, the heater could use a bit of an upgrade. They were using an electric furnace and I don’t have much experience with them. We had a heating technician come out for a consultation and he was able to explain how the electric furnace works and what it would look like for us to install a replacement. We went ahead and set up another appointment for him to come and install a new electric furnace into our home. He gave us a great deal for asking great questions that allowed him to flaunt his knowledge of heating equipment. We’ve been pretty pleased with the new furnace so far, and I have high hopes that it will serve us well in this new phase of our lives. Our friends and family couldn’t believe we took this jump, but we just knew it was right for us. I’m so proud of my wife for believing in herself too.


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