We placed an electric heater in our sunroom

I absolutely adore the sunroom that we have in the back of our house.

It was one of the features that really sold me on the property.

I do everything in that room! I do yoga, meditate, read, and even have my desk set up in there to take client calls. It has become my peaceful oasis. It kind of stinks during the colder seasons though because the air vents aren’t directly set up in the sunroom. Because of this, it’s harder to feel the heat and the big windows make it very cold there sometimes. My husband suggested setting up an electric heater so that I can be comfortable there on really cold days. I decided to go with an electric heater that had a fireplace because I wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing and mold into the space. I chose a heater that mimicked a fireplace and even had a crackling noise that made the room warm and inviting. I really like the heater I chose because I can control how powerful the setting is. Now I can sit in the sunroom first thing in the morning with a cup of tea and feel cozy thanks to my new heater. I noticed that our energy bill was a little higher the month after using the heater, so I would say that is a con to using it in addition to our central heater. However, I think it’s worth the money to have comfortable heating when I work from home all day long. I hope it lasts a long time because I love the addition!

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