How to know if you need a garage electric heater

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you definitely need to get yourself an electric garage heater.

There have been so many times over the years where I opted to stay inside instead of work on my car because the garage didn’t have a heater.

Letting the presence of a heater shouldn’t dictate how you spend your free time! A buddy of mine told me that he installed a garage heater and can now work on his car even on the coldest of days. I headed to my local hardware store to inquire about garage heaters and found that they are pretty inexpensive to install. After he explained the different types of heaters, I decided to opt for the ceramic heating option. This heater would take a little while to warm up, but it would pretty much heat up the entire space because of the forced fan that it has. Infrared heaters heat up quickly but they pretty much only heat in the direction they are facing. Now that I have a garage heater that works efficiently, I can get back to doing what I love! I’m currently refurbishing an old Volkswagen that I purchased at a flea market several weeks ago. I’m waiting on some parts from the factory. In the meantime, I am doing some cosmetic work like redoing the leather seats and doing a mild paint job. I’m hoping that I can fix it up enough to bring it to a car show next month. I have a lot of work to do on it before then, but I think I can do it.


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