We had a good time during our heater installation

My partner and I decided it was time to upgrade our heater in our home.

The heater was getting pretty old and we had been doing more frequent repairs on it over the last year. My mom told me that I should have replaced the heater two years ago since the original owners installed it about ten years prior, but I was too stubborn to listen. Our technician was amazing and walked us through the whole installation process. My partner and I were both off of work that day so we were available for the heater installation. The technician was so funny and we kept joking and laughing throughout the entire process. I even learned some pretty cool facts about our new heater! We took a break from the heater installation and had some hot chocolate since it was pretty chilly outside. I’m glad that the technician didn’t have any appointments after us because he was able to relax and be human with us. Some people might think it’s weird for us to engage with people like that, but this man is literally helping us with something that we will use in our home daily. There is no reason we shouldn’t have some type of relationship with him. I love getting to meet people and invite them to be themselves. We as human beings tend to mold into our labels and roles and in doing so, forget to lighten up and just be silly. We had such a great time that day, and we still talk to our technician pretty often.

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