Getting a heater tune up before the winter season arrives is important

One of my favorite things to do as a homeowner is to prepare my home for the winter season.

I adore the coziness that the colder months provide.

Laying down in front of a fireplace is quite literally my happy place, and I wish I could do that every day of the year. Some of the more tedious tasks I have to do are call my heating technician to prepare our heating system for higher usage. We usually do a heater tune up once a year towards the middle of the fall. I like to have my heater inspected during the fall so that way I know it’s working efficiently by the time winter arrives. My heating technician also gives us a great discount for being one of the first houses to do winter heating prevention and maintenance. He has been advocating for heater maintenance and prevention classes for the community because many people don’t understand how they need to treat their heaters for optimal performance. I think the homeowner’s association is starting to get behind the idea since people have been complaining about their energy bills during the winter due to heating usage. Most of the time they are spending more money because their heaters needed maintenance before it got too cold. I think it’s cool that he is trying to elevate the community by providing educational classes for something we should all know. Not many people would go outside of their job description like that, so I think we have a real gem within our community.


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