Central heating can really help your energy bills

I have been living in a colder climate for the last five years.

I used to live in the South but moved here for a job that I couldn’t pass up.

It was incredibly hard to get used to this new way of living after experiencing Southern hospitality my entire life. I definitely had to get used to the cold weather, so I got quite cozy and comfortable with my heater when I first moved here. The apartment that I rented when I first got here had window air conditioner units. I really didn’t want to move there for that reason since they had zero heating capacity. However, my next home wasn’t ready yet. I had to use space heaters in that apartment while I lived there, and I remember my energy bills being so high. I thought it was pretty ridiculous for those tiny heaters to create that much of an expense. When I moved into my home which had a central heating system, I noticed that my energy bills were much more aligned and made sense for the space. I think it also helps to have the central heating system running at a pretty consistent temperature all of the time and not adjusting the thermostat too often. But don’t get me wrong, I still sneak my space heater into my office space on super cold days. Sometimes it’s nice to have direct heat when your feet are cold during meetings. Even my fuzziest socks don’t always create the warmth and comfort I need. And I have incredibly fuzzy socks.

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