Trying to reduce our energy bills

My home energy bills have always been quite high, however recently I observed that they just skyrocketed… I started getting proactive about lowering the energy use, but first, I decided to update all the windows in the house! My old windows were not officially sealed as well as caulked around, however new windows made sure none of our treated air was leaving as well as none of the gross outdoor air was coming in.

Next, I made sure I had enough insulation around our baseboards as well as door frames; Another step was calling for ductwork sealing.

A lot of people end up paying high energy bills because of a tiny crack along the seam in their ductwork. A small crack allows lots of air to travel outside. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning method is basically useless then. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning can run as well as run, however never achieve the temperature on the thermostat. That means you get higher energy, more of a opportunity for repairs as well as a reduced Heating as well as Air Conditioning lifespan. After all of those things are done I made sure to have the Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional do a repair appointment while he was there. A dirty heating as well as cooling unit runs sluggishly as well as not as effective. It is exhausting for the indoor air pollen levels too. Moving parts are lubricated, bolts are tightened as well as things adore the air filter are updated with a cleaner model. I don’t think which of these things I did was the magic fix. It doesn’t matter though. I now have a good energy bill as well as the house feels adore the right temperature for once. It was worth doing all that work.


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