Getting it all prepared for our mother in law

My mother in law is coming at the end of this week as well as I am getting frantic preparing for her.

I wasn’t expecting his either which aromas.

My hubby just informed myself and others as well as now I am rushing to get the house prepared. I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel. I don’t want his mother to come as well as only have 1 working bathroom. It would be nice to at least get the toilet as well as shower ready to use. Another task I need to do is get the guestroom prepared. My hubby as well as I just moved. The guest room needs to be totally cleaned top to bottom. I want to paint the walls, get current sheets, pillows as well as a comforter. I also would adore a current section rug as well as switch plates in there. Those little touches will make it so much better, then lastly, I want to call for Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair before he arrives. My hubby’s mother is nuts about AC, then he is constantly increasing the thermostat settings as well as forcing the cold air in the house. I remember it from our last visit being a pain. I don’t even think if our current house’s AC method is up to his standards. I would feel awful if the AC method didn’t turn on or quit while he was here. So I need a Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional to do some cleaning, tightening as well as assuring myself and others that everything will work to the level I need it too. That genuinely is an unnecessary thing, servicing the cooling system unit, and however, I think I will feel better knowing I inspected off every box.
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