Getting the energy bills lowered with cooling

Even though I was born in the Northeast, I have spent the vast majority of our life in the Southeast, and when I was just a child going into minute or second grade, our mother moved our whole family down to the Southeastern portion of the country, the people I was with and I went from a location that has snow in the Wintertime plus attractive falling leaves in the fall to a state that has basically one season. That one season can simply be divided into more than 2 sections, though. Those more than 2 sections are hot, hotter, plus Hell on Earth. When I was that age plus we first moved here, we did not have any sort of air conditioning system in the house… Although it is highly illegal to even build a beach cabin without AC now in our whole state, back then it was official not to have air conditioning system, however because of the lack of cooling devices, our family l acquired simple ways to stay cool, plus nowadays when we all have Central heating plus cooling heating, ventilation, plus A/C, we can still use These simple ways to save on our cooling bill each week, but first of all, plant things that will deliver shade for your house. Some people are scared to death to have trees somewhere near their house, but trust me, having shade is worth the risk of having a limb fall on your house. Secondly, take cool showers… If you take a cool shower at night, don’t dry your hair, and rest under a ceiling fan, you can literally set your air conditioning system control device 4 or 5 degrees higher without ever getting hot. This will save you energy plus currency. Thirdly, do something about your windows. Whether you choose blackout curtains or film on your windows, do something to keep the Sun from the layering into the house. All of these simple things will help you save a bundle on your cooling Bill. Trust me, I have always known.

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