Ripping out old window air conditioners to put in central HVAC

Have you ever heard of high velocity heating plus cooling? I must admit that until I spoke to my heating as well as A/C professional recently, I had no idea there was such a thing as high velocity heating as well as A/C, then you see, here is my situation; I have an older beach house in the historic area of a little town, then my cute little condo is just adorable, plus although I use it as a rental right now, I intend for it to be my retirement house… Then at some point over the years, there have been heating plus cooling units added to my little house. 100 years ago, of course, there was no such thing as a/c, so it was placed on the owners of the beach house to replace over the years, then the first thing that was put in was too sizable window A/C units. These numerous window A/C units are also not entirely in my windows. There are holes cut into the exterior wall that condo the a/cs, then one of them works, but one of them doesn’t. I have not taken them out of the wall because I do not want to have to figure out how to cover up those holes or fill in those holes, however somewhere along the line, another owner added central heating plus cooling. This particular new owner is my hero. If I did not have central heating plus cooling when I lived there, I do not think what I would have done. I entirely would not have purchased the house. Anyway, I have had real estate professionals tell myself and others that I really should consider replacing the old window A/C device in my cute historic home, plus in fact, I should replace all the a/c plus get high velocity heating as well as A/C. One of the concerns with my A/C is the fact that my HVAC duct is under the house, plus it is difficult to get to for us but really straight-forward for Critters who like to go under there plus tear it to shreds. I am definitely considering getting rid of both the window A/C units plus the central heating plus cooling plus getting high velocity heating as well as A/C. I have not decided yet, but if you are upgrading a historic beach house plus do not yet have Central heating plus cooling, please look into High Velocity heating as well as A/C. It is amazing plus you will not be disappointed.


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