I need a quieter furnace

I am debating getting a new furnace because of our cat. Most people roll their eyeah or think I am being ridiculous. My animal is just as part of the beach beach house as I am, genuinely more. He sleeps more than 8 hours a day in the house. He prefers chilling in the living room, eating snacks & sleeping on beds too. The concern is that our animal hates our furnace. When the furnace turns on he immediately runs away. The sound of it scares him. The furnace is super loud when it clicks on & operates. It can wake me up out of a dead sleep & honestly, I don’t entirely adore it either. I checked the year on our heating equipment & it is 17 years old. A gas furnace can live from 15 to 30 years old. So I could have a long lifespan ahead of me if I am careful. I am not going to be though. I have already started researching new furnaces. I do not adore how it operates or how loud it is. I also don’t adore the ductwork with the furnace. It makes no sense having every room the saem temperature. I hardly use the office & I only want quality heating when I sleep at evening & for our cat. I am looking at possibly getting heated flooring. This furnace is totally silent in operation & doesn’t waste energy rising to the ceiling. Rather than forced air, it is electric being gentle underneath your feet. I bet our animal would adore to kneel on a heated tile.

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