Dead batteries can cause thermostat problems

Dead batteries can cause thermostat problems.

They can also cause you to be embarrassed in front of your Heating and A/C professional.

I l gained this the strenuous way a couple of weeks ago. I thought that there was something really wrong with my Heating and A/C system, but it turned out that there wasn’t anything wrong with it at all. I felt really stupid when I figured out what the problem was. Well, I think I should not say that I figured out what the problem was because it was entirely the Heating and A/C professional who told myself and others what the problem was. I had gone for about a week separate from a gas furnace, and the weather is really cooling off around here. I was trying to hold out until I had enough cash to spend money cash for the heating service bill. So when I got paid a couple of weeks ago, I made an appointment with my local contractor to have them come out and check out my gas furnace. I told them that the gas furnace was torn up and I had no plan what was wrong with that. When the professional got there, he was able to figure out what the problem was in about 2 minutes. It turns out that there was entirely nothing wrong with my gas furnace at all. The only problem was the fact that I had not checked the batteries in my thermostat unit and they were dead. I could not know that that was the only thing that was wrong with my gas furnace! It was all my own fault, and I felt care about the dumbest person alive when the Heating and A/C professional told myself and others that that was what the issue was.

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