Looking for a New Washable HEPA Filter at the Local Business

Today is a quiet day in our city as a lot of people have emptied out of here recently.

We do have a crazy horror movie festival coming up in a month or so as well, which will bring in some tourists, but it won’t be anything like the summer weeks when mobs of people come here to stay for the season.

The streets are so full in the summer that I can hardly ride my unicycle to the beach, but now the streets are barren once again and all is well in our world. I have to go to the local business this month and see if they got my washable HEPA filter in yet. I had to order one from them and they told me it should be arriving this week. So once I finish my breakfast I am going to take the four minute trek there and see if it came in. My heating and A/C unit has an odd sized filter, so that is why I had to order it. It lasted me a good few years and I have ordered several filters this time so that when I take the dirty one out to clean it I can just pop in the other one. My heating and A/C rep told myself and others how to clean it the right way so that it lasts a long time. I am hitting the park later to meet some friends for a yoga session, followed by a picnic and some relaxing time in the sun. The heat has left our area and now it is unquestionably great outside in the afternoons.

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