Can’t Wait for my Chicken Noodle Soup for Dinner

It actually doesn’t have noodles in it, but I may add some later when I heat it up. I made it from scratch a month ago and then froze it as well. Now it is time to reap the rewards. I like to eat a couple slices of bread and butter with the soup as it reminds me of how mom used to make it. And speaking of mom, I need to give her a ring and have a chat as it has been a few weeks since we both last talked. I’m overseas now so I am numerous hours ahead. Heating and A/C component repair is first on my list before calling mom because my central heating and A/C thing isn’t entirely working well and I need to get it fixed. I’m waiting for the repair guy to come from the business as well, and then I’ll get him going and then call mom. It’s only 9:15am in the states and she is unquestionably just waking up so I’ll give her another hour or two before calling, or I may just wait and try to call her when I get back from the beach later. Mom was working for this heating corp up until about six years ago when she retired. I l took some knowledge from her about the HVAC field and do a little heating and A/C stuff myself, but I don’t work on central heating and A/C systems, so this is why I am having the Heating and A/C tech come here to help me. I am more of a paperwork guy when it comes to jobs at the local business. I believe the guy is buzzing at my door now. See ya.

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